Choose PureSea® for Cognitive Health

PureSea® unique seaweed ingredients are a natural vegan wholefood source of iodine, an essential nutrient and integral component of the thyroid hormones. Iodine mediates the effects of thyroid on brain development and other functions in the body, including metabolism, nervous system, development in children and healthy skin.*

Demonstrated in independent clinical trials, PureSea® seaweed releases iodine in a sustained way, with longer retention in the body compared to artificial sources (potassium iodide) often used in food supplements.

To achieve an EFSA claim on cognitive health, only 100mg of PureSea® are needed per serving, allowing multiple product concepts and ingredient combinations. And with PureSea® Protect, almost any application is possible due to the proprietary micro-encapsulation of the powder that results in a  white, odourless and highly dispersible powder, with proven targeted nutrient release during digestion.

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*EU EFSA approved claims.