Mycroluronic: New hyaluronic acid for liquid applications

We are pleased to introduce our new ingredient Mycroluronic HA. Thanks to our expertise and technology network, LEHVOSS Nutrition has developed a high quality, versatile and enhanced hyaluronic acid for liquid applications such as ready to drink sachets and stick packs, shots, functional beverages and more. Mycroluronic HA is ideal for "Beauty Within" formulations.

This new HA grade has optimal liquid dispersion and a high HA load (70% hyaluronic acid content as sodium salt) with all the benefits of a high quality, science based, hyaluronic acid.

Visit our dedicated page to download the product specification (please login as registered customer first) and contact us for more information and samples.

Mycroluronic HA is part of the Gee Lawson range of added value ingredients, distributed by LEHVOSS Nutrition in all Europe.