Add Omega-3 in your Tablet: New GOtab Grades Available

LEHVOSS Nutrition can now offer GOtab 120/90 and GOtab 30/150 in addition to GOtab90/60. Download here the new product profile sheet for more details on all three grades and visit our dedicated GOtab page to download the specifications.

 Including high amounts of oil into a powder, to be compressed into a tablet, is challenging.  Thanks to the OmegaTri™ technology, Golden Omega fish oil concentrates can be included in tablets, offering scientifically proven benefits and excellent stability.

Explore new formulation opportunities such us Omega-3 + Zinc, Omega-3+Glucosamine, Omega3 + Folic Acid, Omega3 + Lutein/Carotenoids, Omega-3 + B Vitamins, and more. Contact us.