Explore the Benefits of Attenutin™ for Respiratory Support

Attenutin™ is a specially formulated, natural bioflavonoid composition, clinically proven to support mucous membrane lining of the respiratory system and healthy lung function, with a long history of safe human consumption.

Specific research on Attenutin™ has shown that this unique plant combination maintains healthy levels of HMGB to support and protect the function of the respiratory system and improve healthy levels of the antioxidation biomarker - glutathione peroxidase.

It also assists IgA & IgG antibodies production while supporting a healthy level of cytokines. Studies have highlighted the benefits of Attenutin™, with the latest results released in September 2023.

In this study, the evaluation of Attenutin™ focused on its effectiveness in mitigating acute inflammatory lung injury and sepsis. The findings strongly indicate its potential as a protective agent against oxidative-stress-induced lung damage, potentially achieved through the reduction of extracellular HMGB1 accumulation. Download the full study here.

Another study compared the effects of a daily dosage of 500mg Attenutin™, over 56 days, administered morning and night, with a placebo. Participants consumed the test compounds for 28 days before receiving the quadrivalent influenza vaccine. Results indicated an increased health response to vaccination, a significant rise in antibodies during the post-vaccination period, suggesting improved support for humoral protective immunity. Download the full study here.

Attenutin™ is produced by Unigen, a US based manufacturer who offer scientifically proven plant-based blends, using ingredients from nature, which are carefully researched using their proprietary Phytologix® Technology Platform. Attenutin™ is one of the four latest additions to the LEHVOSS Nutrition portfolio from Unigen Inc. Why not explore the other three: Amlexin™, Anivestin™, and Univestin™.

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