New! 'Resources' Section on our Product WebApp

LEHVOSS Nutrition are pleased to introduce the latest 'Resources' section which can be found on our WebApp, where as a registered customer you can go and explore our carefully selected portfolio of premium products.

Each of our ingredients have their own dedicated product profile sheet where customers can find information such as key advantages, clinical research & studies, EFSA approved claims (where appliable), safety data, product dosages and technical data sheets. With the new the resources feature, we offer additional information in the way of white papers, reviews, infographics, and more in an easily downloadable PDF format.

The "Resources" feature can be found on the WebApp and is visible on every product profile sheet here:

 Resources image for body of text

With one click, you can access the WebApp from all devices including your mobile. Not a registered customer? Join now! Click here to register your details and start using our digital platform.

LEHVOSS Nutrition aim to simplify and improve your search for the perfect food supplement ingredient, be it from our branded ingredients, Essentials, PlantNutra® or high quality minerals in our PHARMAGNESIA® range. With the addition of this newly introduced “Resources” section, we ensure you have all the information you need to make informed decisions effortlessly. There will be more new features added to our electronic folder coming soon!

For more information contact your local sales representative.