Longvida® raw material & finished capsules: Sustainability Goals

LEHVOSS Nutrition are proud to present Verdure Sciences® Sustainability Report 2022 which includes their continued support to provide sustainable and traceable Longvida®.

Verdure Sciences is committed to developing long-standing partnerships with curcuma farmers, improve yields, maintain sustainable initiatives, and ensure quality and purity throughout the value chain. They have provided two boilers to boil the turmeric rhizome, which optimises the post-harvest efficiency by 6 times and, in turn, saves the farmers in post-harvest processing costs. In addition, farmers are paid directly into their bank accounts within 24 hours of purchase and since 2019, they have retained about 80% of their farmer-relationships within the Sustainable Turmeric Program.

This is all part of Verdure Sciences® internal mission, Verdugration® and its’ counterpart, Verdure Cares® which aim to bring meaningful messaging to foundational corporate initiatives. “Verdugration®” encompasses sustainable, traceable, and transparent practices for the processes, plants, and planet. “Verdure Cares®” is a subset of the overarching program and focuses on sustainable relationships, partnerships and social impact. From employees, to farmers, cultivators, and harvesters, to distributors and customers, Verdure sciences® aims to forge long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.

Distributed throughout Europe via LEHVOSS Nutrition, Longvida® Optimised Curcumin® is a plant-based, sustainable, award-winning and safe ingredient which is backed by over 67 publications demonstrating many benefits in multiple health application areas such as cognitive health, vascular health, joint health and much more.

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