The meteoric emergence of cocoa flavanols as the new 'super ingredient' continues, with many new scientific publications focused on the potential health effects of these special compounds.  In a special edition article takes a closer look at the science behind such suggested health benefits - offfering an inside on emerging science that may show the true benefits of these powerful cocoa. 

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Chocamine®  - a patented cocoa-based ingredient that contains the numerous phytochemicals found in chocolate, without the fat, dairy and calories found in traditional chocolate. Customers can use Chocamine® to get the flavour, colour and smell of chocolate along with its health benefits, such as support for cognitive function, mood and energy.


Chocamine® is manufactured in USA by RFI ingredients. Gee Lawson is the excluive distributor in Europe. Click here to learn more about the product or contact us to receive an offer and/or further information.