This interesting pre-workout formula adds OptiMSM® to two scientifically-proven sports nutrition ingredients – D-Ribose and L-Arginine- for an integrated approach to exercise performance and recovery.


Scientific research focused on exercise models demonstrates OptiMSM's ability to reduce oxidative stress and pain associated with physical training. The Informed-Sport Certification obtained last year by OptiMSM®, confirms additional assurance as a safe choice for sport nutrition formulas.


Studies show that D-Ribose, a crucial ingredient in the production of adenosine tri-phospate (ATP), helps regenerate and maintain energy reserves for peak performance and L-Arginine, an essential precursor of nitric oxide, supports blood flow to muscle fibres, improves the work capacity of active muscles and promotes faster recovery following exercise.


This pre-workout blend prototype mixes easily with water to deliver a delicious sport drink for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. Visit our dedicated page to download the product information sheet and learn about the scientific research behind OptiMSM® and other key ingredients featuring in this prototype, nutritional information and more.


This prototype blend is an "off-the-shelf" solution and results in a quicker delivery time than bespoke blends which can be also developed for customers and according to specific requirements. Contact us for further information.