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Research continues to show the significant and varied health benefits of seaweed in foods and supplements when used as a functional food ingredient. 


In a research review from Denmark and Canada, the nutritional properties seaweeds, including GeeSeaNutra’s species, Ascophyllum nodosum, are found to have benefits for cardiovascular disease (CVD) and underlying metabolic syndrome.  


The authors note that seaweeds contain a wealth of nutrition including fibre, protein, a host of vitamins, various antioxidant compounds, and are rich in minerals. All this, with very few calories. These nutrients can benefit obesity, diabetes and CVD, which a key global health concerns. 


Whilst taste remains a challenge for some seaweeds depending on application, GeeSeaNutra® is successfully used to provide nutrition as well as replacing salt in a wide range of foods due to its ‘umami’ properties that actually enhance flavours.


GeeSeaNutra® is organic, dried and milled seaweed sourced in the Scottish waters, and supplied by Seaweed & Co. using specialist techniques and their dedicated equipment to result in this distinct product. Visit our dedicated page or contact us for more information. 



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