All of the 2016 New Year food and nutrition trends are touting the huge benefits of seaweed, and billing this sustainable natural ingredient as the one to get.  Whether in The Independent, the Daily Mail, or all the way to The Times of India, seaweed is reported widely as the foods to watch this year. The reasons for the race to get seaweed to the market are due to the numerous benefits of this natural and sustainable ingredient.  
With GeeSeaNutra® Nutritional Seaweed, the benefits include the immense nutrition, and particularly as a natural good source of iodine that allows for EU Approved Health Claims.  In addition, GeeSeaNutra® is used as a salt replacer and flavour enhancer as a clean label ingredient in a wide range of products. 
Knowing the type, source and processing of your seaweed ingredient is critical to ensure safety, quality and sustainability.  With our nutritional seaweed product GeeSeaNutra®, and our supplier Seaweed & Co., we know every detail of our seaweed, down to the name of the harvesters cutting each batch. 
GeeSeaNutra® is sustainably wild harvested in the pristine sea lochs of the Scottish Outer Hebridean islands.  The seaweed is dried, and then milled using Seaweed & Co.’s proprietary techniques and equipment, and which have numerous benefits over other seaweed supply. 
GeeSeaNutra® is already used in multiple applications, ranging from food supplements, green blends, baked goods, sauces and more. Get in touch for further details, and ensure you don't miss out on the Year of Seaweed. Visit our dedicated page to learn more about the product and download technical and marketing information. 
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