Glucosamine and Chondroitin are the two most popular ingredients when it comes to joint health and tops the fortification list of any pet food. Very often the role of MSM is considered limited to just joint health and has been neglected and side lined by several pet food manufacturers mainly because it is often evaluated against the two other ingredients. However, MSM can offer several benefits beyond joint health.  


The same MSM that provides fluid, functional joint support to humans is also shown to promote respiratory health, along with healthier cartilage, nails, and coats in pets. Furthermore, the equine body is approximately 0.5% sulphur by weight, with sulphur being considered an essential nutrient in the growth and maintenance of horses. It also plays an important role in supporting healthy hair, skin and hooves. Studies suggest that PurforMSM® may also provide some protection from oxidative stress and inflammatory - induced injury caused by exercise.  


Deficiency in biological sulphur can result in hampering the optimal functioning of cells, tissues and organs in the body. Inorganic sulphur is poorly assimilated while MSM is 34.06% elemental sulphur.


Now more than ever, consumers are questioning the safety of the products they give their animals. PurforMSM® is manufactured in a MSM-dedicated production facility, exceeding industry standards for optimal purity and product consistency. By choosing PurforMSM®, pet owners can be assured they are using the highest quality MSM available.


PurforMSM® is manufactured by Bergstrom (U.S.A) and exclusively distributed in Europe by Gee Lawson. To read more about the specifications, dosage guidance and product benefits kindly visit the dedicated product page or contact us for more details.