Black garlic is the result of aging regular garlic under mild heat resulting in natural enzymatic fermentation which improves garlic's immune-enhancing activity and antioxidant potency.

The most abundant antioxidant compound found in black garlic is S-Allyl-Cysteine (SAC). The protective activities of SAC have been well studied and have been shown to be associated with the prevention or amelioration of oxidative stress, including the prevention of oxidation of lipids and proteins.


Why is FermaPro® Black Garlic different?

FermaPro® Black Garlic actually goes through a double fermentation patented process which we believe is unique to the product. Furthermore, FermaPro® Black Garlic is a whole food material. All the marker compounds found in FermaPro® Black Garlic are natural to the product and within the natural and complex matrix of the garlic itself.


To learn more about this patented product and the scientific research behind black garlic, please download the following white paper or contact us for further information.