Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) is a condition that is affecting a growing number of people. Characterized by extreme tiredness, insomnia and joint as well as muscle pain, the cause of CFS is unknown, but it is believed that oxidative stress acts as a pathophysiological agent in the syndrome. There is currently no known cure for CFS. However, nutritional supplementation with Ubiquinol could be a promising adjuvant therapy, according to an open-label pilot study carried out by Japanese scientists.[1] 


The researchers treated 20 patients suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome with 150 mg Ubiquinol per day. After eight weeks, levels of oxidative stress decreased and symptoms of depression, sleep duration as well as performance in arithmetical tasks all improved significantly. According to the scientists, these improvements were dependent on increases in plasma Coenzyme Q10 levels. The results were underpinned by a further investigation [2] where symptoms of chronic fatigue also decreased markedly in response to Ubiquinol supplementation.


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