Vitamin C, apart from being a powerful antioxidant and immune booster, is also essential for the formation and maintenance of collagen, vital to bones and teeth, healing wounds and iron absorption in animals, making it an important fortification ingredient in pet food.


Dogs, cats and horses unlike other species, have the ability to manufacture Vitamin C. However they do fall short of the required levels under stress. Many vets and animal nutritionists recommend a dosage of 95-500mg/day for dogs and cats whereas 8-12g twice a day for horses to maintain overall wellbeing and to strengthen the immune system. Unfortunately ,Vitamin C is quite acidic in nature and may cause indigestion to animals and affect the sensitive flora of the gut. Also, the retention and bioavailability of the generic forms are quite low, which leaves a question mark over their efficacy.


Ester-C®  is a unique form of Vitamin C in a buffered (pH neutral) salt form (Calcium Ascorbate Threonate) with Vitamin C metabolites which, according to studies, enhance the delivery and retention of Vitamin C in the cells, thereby providing advanced immune protection. It is also non –acid and gentle to the stomach and non-erosive to tooth enamel.

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