KENSINGTON, PEI CANADA. (July 28, 2015) – Nature’s Crops International (NCI) is pleased to announce that the novel foods application for refined Buglossoides oil (trademark: Ahiflower® oil) has been approved by the European Commission under regulation EC No. 258/97 and published under Commission Decision L 198 (28.7.2015) in Volume 58 of the Official Journal of the European Union.


Originally filed in June 2013 by NCI’s parent company, Technology Crops LLC, the application received a favorable scientific opinion of “safety” under intended uses from the European Food Safety Authority in February 2015. The EC Secretariat convened in Brussels on June 9 th and gave final approval, announced today. Ahiflower oil may now be used in food supplements, dairy products and analogues, cheese and cheese products, butter and other fat and oil emulsions including spreads (not for cooking or frying purposes), and breakfast cereals, among listed approved uses, in the European Union.


“As a complete source of essential fatty acids, Ahiflower oil is superior to flax or evening primrose supplements, and an excellent substitute to fish oil for consumers who require an effective vegan alternative, hence our ‘Better Than Flax, Not From Fish’ statement,” said CEO Andrew Hebard. “Refined Ahiflower oil is the result of over a decade of patient and painstaking horticultural development work primarily in the UK.


Nature’s Crops International used only natural selection, sustainable agronomic practices, and proprietary refining methods to bring Ahiflower oil to the market.” Ahiflower oil can now be used whenever a vegan, non-GMO, and fully traceable dietary oil with superior omega-3 stearidonic acid (SDA) and omega-6 gamma linolenic-acid (GLA) is desired. Under the EC approval, typical daily dosing ranges in various foods and supplements are up to 2.5 – 4 grams oil per day.


Traditional plant-based omega-3 oils like flaxseed and chia oil contain no SDA nor GLA. Neither do algal oils. Ahiflower has 6-10 times more SDA than hemp seed oil and up to 60% more than echium oil. Ahiflower is a game-changer in plant-derived omega-rich oils, since it is now possible to achieve a balanced omega-3+6+9 profile from a single non-GMO plant source that is grown sustainably and traceably. A recent human clinical trial showed that Ahiflower oil has up to 4 times the omega-3 EPA equivalency of flaxseed oil.


Ahiflower oil is now commercially available under trademark license and supply agreements to brands and manufacturers in the USA and the European Union. Ahiflower’s initial launch efforts are focused on dietary supplements and foods/beverages with future potential for topical skin care. “Ahiflower oil is a clean, green, and appealing omega-rich solution for consumers, health practitioners, and natural products brands who want to increase daily omega-3 intakes to recommended levels, but not at the expense of depleting fisheries worldwide,” said Greg Cumberford, NCI’s VP-Strategic Initiatives, “nor at the expense of flavor, convenience, or manageable daily dosing levels.” Ahiflower oil is available in vegan softgels in addition to bulk liquid oil.


Official communication is available on request. Please contact us. To learn more about Ahiflower®, visit our dedicated page.

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