Packed with more than 30 different types of fruit and vegetables, our standard green superfood blend offers a ready-to-order option for our customers, at a reasonable price and without the hassle of starting a development project from scratch. It contains  different proprietary blends of greens, fruit and berrys, various vegetables and plant bio-active enzymes. The blend is EU organic certified.

Visit the product page and download the blend specification. Taste it! Book your sample now.  


However, if you want a customised solution, we can certainly help you to build your blend formula. Many of the blends we have developed for customers contain fruit and vegetable concentrates, probiotics, natural vitamins and minerals, plant-based proteins, antioxidants such as, green tea extract, acerola, pomegranate and other energy-boosting ingredients. Contact us to have more information or visit our dedicated blends page to learn more.

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