Interesting facts about our Omega-3 Concentrates

Our partner Golden Omega is the only producer of Omega 3 concentrates strategically located in the middle of the richest fishing ground for anchovy in the world (South Pacific Ocean).

The Anchovy (Engraulis Ringens) is a cold water fish which lives in the South Pacific Ocean, in front of the Peruvian and North Chilean waters. This part of the Ocean is regularly visited by the Humboldt Current coming from the Antarctic which makes it very rich in nutrients.

Anchovies from the South Pacific Ocean naturally contain a high level of EPA and DHA (normally around 25-30%) in their fat, and live a very short life (around 15 to 18 months) compared to other fish species and therefore accumulate less contaminants or heavy metals naturally present in the waters.

Golden Omega Fish Oil Concentrates are Orivo Certified as “Pure Anchovy from the South Pacific”, in addition to a sustainability certification (Friend of the Sea) which guarantees that the fishing is strictly controlled under quota systems and the biomass has remained very stable along the years.

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