Anyone who attended this year's show would have seen how busy it was, the stands, corridors, seminars and conferences were all booming.  We had a great time, our stand was very busy and there was a great atmosphere all around.  We had very good meetings with both customers and partners and we were very excited to encounter potential new prospects. 

We are now enjoying the post-event period, following up all the enquiries we received during the show with great excitement. 


For those that couldn’t make it, here are some of the updates and new ingredients we brought up to the exhibition this year:


GOtab:  A pure, high quality Golden Omega fish oil concentrate, optimized by Omegatri™ technology into a direct compressible powder for tablets. Fast bioavailability, with no reflux or fishy aftertaste.


Branded Ingredients combinations:  EpiCor® and Biootic™ chewing gum concept: Scientifically proven branded ingredients. EpiCor® is a patented whole-food fermentate, clinically researched to


Making the most of the endless natural resources found in the Sardinia Island to offer high quality & innovative natural botanical extracts: This is the mission of Nating, an Italian company specialized in Mediterranean botanical extracts, with full traceability and total control of the supply chain and production cycle.

Each botanical extract is the result of years of research and maximum attention to every stage of production, from the seed selection to the raw material extraction. Nating has committed its business and philosophy to Sardinia, an important Italian historical and natural landmark. Most of the Nating botanical extracts are harvested in Sardinia in uncontaminated fields, far from pollution and close to the sea. 

 Nating product lines include traditional Mediterranean extracts and  innovative botanical extracts using buckwheat and spelt as functional carriers, which  may offer a new alternative to maltodextrin and benefits from a nutritional and health-related point of view



Our stand I-20 will be part of the Vitafoods Innovation Tour! Learn more about Pomella®, EpiCor® , Bacognize®, GOtab, Disolvits and US Greens….come to our stand for more details.

Try our Longvida Dark Chocolate at the Vitafoods Tasting Bar.... and come to our stand I20 to try it again!.

Visit the New Product Zone and discover new ingredients, new clinical research and more from the Gee Lawson range of branded ingredients.

PureSea™ and Longvida® have been announced in the finalist list for the Nutraingredients Awards 2018!

Longvida® is participating in the Nutrition Research Project Category with the study " Retinal amyloid pathology and proof-of-concept imaging trial in Alzheimer’s disease". PureSea™ is on the finalist list for the Editors Award for Innovation. Both principals will be at our stand, come and meet them!


Justin Green, Scientific Director of Embria Health Sciences,  will participate at the Probiotic Resource Centre with his speech about  “The Immune role


High quality organic green powders, carefully grown and processed using special harvesting techniques, low temperature dehydration and milling processes to ensure their nutrient-dense profile, deep green colour and freshness.


The manufacturer, US Greens, LLC is a Kansas-based company. The family has been in the alfalfa and cereal grass business continuously for four generations and over 70 years, producing the finest organic food-grade alfalfa, wheat grass, oat grass, and barley grass on the market.


US Greens is now part of the Gee Lawson range of ingredients.  To learn more, please download our US Greens product profile sheet here and come and see us at Vitafoods!

Courtesy of Will Chu, Science Editor

videoNutraingredientsVitafoodsReview2017How best to deal with the botanical health claim situation? What does the botanical space  hope the report will contain and what, if any action, will be taken to get the process up and running again?

The European Commission's work to achieve botanical health claim clarity may finally be on track after a seven-year delay.

Watch the following video which sumarises various opinions gathered at the Vitafoods Show.  For some, the delay has actually become an opportunity. Listen to Dr Craig Rose's interview (Seaweed & Co, manufacturers of GeeSeaNutra®) on  this  video talking about their innovations and research  or read the full article on


Learn more about GeeSeaNutra®. Click here to access our dedicated page or watch this short video presentation.

"In 2017 EpiCor® celebrates its ten year anniversary in the U.S. so it was exciting to see it finally launched in Europe in such a grand fashion", said Justin Green, International Business Manager for EpiCor® at Embria Health Sciences. "Customers were especially interested in EpiCor’s clinical trials on immune health, particularly its effects on lessening cold and flu systems, that EpiCor® activates the immune system within two hours and that it keeps inflammation responses such as allergy symptoms in check".  

"There was some discussion on the identity of EpiCor® and I discussed the merits of utilizing the entire fermentate of brewer’s yeast:  the complexity of the components, without any being overly concentrated, is essential to immune activation while not fatiguing the immune system"

"I had very productive meetings at the Gee Lawson stand with customers and potential leads that showed great interest in LongVida®, Pomella® & WokVel®. Specifically, the discussions were related to new product development incorporating the ingredients and also exploring various dosage forms like capsules, sachets, tablets, softgels; in some occasions combining the ingredients together. The fact that Gee Lawson were offering finished formulations was a big hit" said Mr Ajay Patel, CEO of Verdure Sciences.

"As one of the principals of Gee Lawson I was quite impressed with the stand design and setup, which had nice ingredient displays, not to mention the eight meeting rooms, which actually were pretty much occupied most of the time"

Ms Priya Kunhiraman Madavalappil from Katra Phytochem, manufacturers of XanMax®, kindly accepted our invitation to attend the show to participate in our customers meetings, offering to our customers technical support and product development advice. "The meetings I participated were very specific and focused on ingredient formulations which I discussed with customers.  We were able to highlight the uniqueness of our product to all the people we met and also provided them with solutions for their various applications thanks to our diversified forms.  To provide an insight, we presented XanMax® not only for eye care but also for memory and neurological applications. There was a customer who found it useful to use our XanMax® CWS beadlets for their effervescent application.  Customers were encouraged to know that we have research behind our brand".

We asked Dr Craig Rose, Managing Director of Seaweed and Co. to give us his feedback about Vitafoods and the meetings he had at our stand:  "The Vitafoods show gave us the opportunity to promote our Patent Pending, and uniquely DNA Authenticated Seaweed™, hosted on the Gee Lawson stand.  As part of this, we launched our new micro-encapsulated seaweed, which received excellent feedback from customers"

"The fact this ingredient offers increased protection of key nutrients during digestion, as well as a near-neutral flavour, resulted in a huge amount of interest from nutraceutical, food and beverage companies."

"Vitafoods 2017 was interesting and inspiring . We took the chance to meet some of our partners (Gee Lawson was one of them) in order to share insights , future collaboration options and preserve our good partnership"

"We had the opportunity to announce and introduce our 100% organic Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae powder and astaxanthin oleoresin as part of our AstaPure® line and we assure you that soon we will have the European organic certificate as well. We look forward to next year's exhibition, hopefully with more good news and new products in our pipeline" said Denise Dembovsky, Marketing Manager of Algatechnologies.